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Image you are on a walk through the Woods. It is a bright mid September afternoon. It is not very hot, though. It is nice. Imagine you come accross some fig trees. You approach one of them and see it is packed with fruits. They kind of lure you, so you pick one. Mmm, it smells soo good. You observe its shape, its texture, its color. It is unique. Then, you open it and “glup,”you eat it! Mmmm, delicious!! Have you ever experienced something like this? Perhaps it was a different tree: apple , orange, almond… It is an amazing experience which brings you back to your essence, to the place we all come from, to nature.

Raw food is a plant-based diet, a medicine, a culinary trend and a life style in the end, which has a very simple basic principle: eating foods that are in, or very near to, their natural state. According to the raw food principles, when you cook foods over 45º, the enzimes, minerals, and most of the vitamins and rest of the nutrients in them are lost. Therefore, in the raw food cooking fire is not employed. By contrast, natural methods and procedures such sprouting, fermentation, marination or dehydration are used to obtain, keep or even enhance the nutrients in foods.

By now you might be wondering what Raw foodists eat: lots of fruits, many, many greens, vegetables, nuts and seeds, algae, sprouts, roots, herbs and spices, dried fruits, flowers, mushrooms… It is not boring at all! Nature is so abundant!

So, which are the benefits of going on a raw food diet? well, these are some of them: anti-aging, detox, disease preventing, losts of energy, a firm/youthful body, smooth skin, healthy sexual function, clear thinking, deep sleep, balanced emotions, rational judgement, clear eyesight, increased self-confidence and self-awareness, heightened senses, …

Well, having said all this, I want to make a little break to say that I am not stating that all cooked foods are bad, not do I intent to debunk the wisdom of milenary cultures such as Ayurveda, Chinese medice or macrobiotics even. In fact, fire can help create wonderful alchemies too. From my own point of view, going on a 100% raw food diet on a long-term basis nowadays can certainly be very helpul to overcome an illness, to cleanse your organism and give it a real boost, or it can be the perfect choice if you happen to live in nature in a tropical country. In our current society, I advovate for more greens, more fresh and natural foods. At least 50% of the total of each meal. You will no doubt feel the benefits.

Well, before coming to and end, I want to point out that even if food is a key aspect when talking about leading a healthy lifestile, it is not the only one: Practicing some exercise, having enough and good quality sleep, breathing clean air, meditating, getting sunshine, smiling, thinking positive, meeting friends and socializing, doing things you love…

As a conclusion, I kindly invite you to reconnect with the act of eating and think of food as the fuel your are providing your vehicle, your body, with. Choose best quality foods which really nourish your body and last, but not least… remember to increase the size of your salad!

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