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Cheers to Alain Passard. The Diners Club® Lifetime Achievement Award 2016

Opening of Arpège restaurant in 1986. One star in 1987. The second in 1988. A third star in 1996, only ten years after the opening of the restaurant. Vegetables have been the centrepieces at the Arpège since 2001. In 2002, the first vegetable garden was put together in Fillé sur Sarthe. In 2008, the second vegetable garden was set up in Buis-sur-Damville.

The Chef says the first step with vegetables starts by looking at their colour ‘A mauve, a yellow, a marbly white, a celadon green, a pearly orange, these are colours that inspire me. I proceed by touches. The technical aspect comes after this.’

‘I grow my own vegetables to be able to tell a story from the grain to the plate… and to be able to combine the chef’s touch with that of the gardener, two passionate professions! Through these gardens, I have trusted nature with my creativity; it is nature that dictates my actions. The most beautiful cookery book was written by nature itself!’

‘Sandy soil and an apiary in the Sarthe region, clay soil in the Eure region: we care about preserving the environment. Draught animal power, no pesticides, no chemical fertilizer, watering holes for batrachians, stone houses for the weasels, hedgehogs and reptiles, perches for raptors, hedges, embankments and trees for the birds; all of this wildlife is welcome in our gardens, this way we avoid any treatment.’

Six gardeners work at the vegetable garden in Fille sur Sarthe. Three people look after the vegetable garden in Bois-Giroult. The latest one, the garden of Porteaux, located opposite the Mont St Michel bay, has it’s own orchard. For the wellbeing of the gardens as well as the earth, there are two donkeys, two foals, as well as cows, chickens, and a goat.

Arpège’s vegetables in your kitchen, it is now possible! Every week, they offer you to get a vegetable basket, composed of seasonal treasures coming from their kitchen gardens located in the Eure and the Sarthe regions. Harvested on the very morning by their gardeners before showing their roots in Paris, these 100% natural gems will shine in your plates!

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