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Ingredients 3-4 serves:

· 240 ml, or 2 cups natural yoghurt… you can use a fat free yoghurt or any other yoghurt you usually use… coconut, oats, almond, soy.
· 2 tablespoons organic pure maple syrup.
· 1 ripe mango, peeled and cut into small cubes, should make about 1 cup and a bit.
· 1 teaspoon cardamom powder.
· zest of 1 lime, plus the juice.
· coconut syrup.
· 1 cup dessicated coconut, lightly toasted.
· 1 teaspoon turmeric powder or freshly grated turmeric.
I love this recipe. It’s my take on the typical Indian mango lassi, a fruit smoothie with hints of cardamom. It’s a great way to enjoy a healthy dessert, without that extra guilt. The sweetness comes form the fruit primarily and sometimes you really don’t need to add that much maple syrup. The addition of anti-oxidant and super spice, Turmeric, will always be appreciated, at any time of the day! So it’s delicious AND so so good for you!
Close your eyes and travel to India with this one!


Combine the mango, lime zest and a teaspoon of coconut syrup, mix well and allow to marinate for a while.
In a bowl, mix the yoghurt with the maple syrup. Add half of the turmeric and swirl it in slowly. Enjoy the colour changing. Sometimes I add a pinch of cardamom powder to this as well… Because I just love spices… It’s optional, but you should try it! 😉
Divide the marinated mango cubes into 3-4 little glasses. Top the mango with a little desiccated coconut. Spoon in a couple of teaspoons of the yoghurt mixture on top of that. Repeat.
Finish with 2 teaspoons coconut. You can also add any fruit of your choice here, or edible flowers.
Sprinkle with the remaining turmeric.
Ideally, I would chill these for a while. Remove them from the fridge 10 minutes before you serve them.
A splash of lime juice on top and a few chopped pistachios would give it that final, tropical touch!
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